Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba Coming to Union County New Jersey

Aqua Zumba is the latest dance workout that takes place in a pool, lake
or ocean.

I just received my Aqua Zumba certification and will begin teaching it
at the YM-YWHA in Union, New Jersey. the turnout for this particular
class looks like it will sell out very quickly. However, since many
people have asked me to tell them a little bit more about this latest Zumba
workout, let me share with you what the buzz is all about!

Aqua Zumba Articles And Blog Posts

Here’s a very collection of different Aqua Zumba articles and blog posts
around the Internet. No need to read the whole thing. Just a short
paragraph will give you an idea of what this exciting dance workout is
all about.

Aqua Zumba uses mostly the rhythms
of Latin music like merengue, cumbia and salsa, but also with a series
of upbeat rhythms of the music to start on time or country. Due to the
fluctuation water movements are slower than you would on land.

Aqua Zumba’s objectives are simple: get more people to enjoy physical activity, adapt movements of regular Zumba
dance rhythms into the water. Use the water as a tool to increase people’s fitness levels, and most importantly
Aqua Zumba brings the party to the pool!

Publish Date: 09/01/2010 11:18

Aqua Zumba + 2 Good Days under my

Just got back from an “aqua zumba
class. Talk about WEIRD! Dancing in the water…hmmm…sort of makes you
feel like an idiot! But, it was really really fun. And apparantly I’m
not the other person who thinks so as there were 30+ people at

Here’s What They’re Saying about Aqua Zumba on Tweeter

Getting ready for our huge Aqua
Zumba cert tomorrow at #24Hour Fitness at Galleria. Excited!!

startat50 at 09/11/2010

Walked 2 miles in 33
minutes, after a 90 minutes aqua zumba, what a great day!

asacredrebel at
09/11/2010 13:42

As you can see Aqua Zumba is catching on very quickly!

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