Beto Perez Zumba Creator

Alberto Beto Perez Zumba creator


Beto Perez Zumba, the creator of Zumba and Zumba dance Beto Perez has been an avid dancer since age 7.

At that time he would take his playmates through the streets of Columbia kinda like  John Travolta did in the movie “Grease.” The popularity of Zumba grew out of these early origins. It’s the combination of the musical beats that has made it an international sensation.

No wonder that Zumba has grown into any international exercise phenomenon.

Beto whose full name is… Alberto Perez has led the world in his Zumba dance Revolution. But this is nothing new to this Colombian dynamo.

Zumba’s Beto Perez

When he was just 18 he won the national championship and was teaching children how to dance. Today Beto is 38 years old and has a much larger class-size … the entire world.

zumba-workout-classYou can drive just about anywhere in the United States, in any particular direction and you will find a Zumba dance fitness class. In South Florida alone there are over 250 Zumba classes being offered. Some of the Zumba classes are offered as much as 10 times per week.

Zumba is more than just in aerobic workout is a compilation of many Latin-based dances, such as:

  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Samba
  • Reggaeton
  • And many other Latin dances and music

Beto has just one simple goal and that is to make Zumba fun!

As he stated “Make it Playful, Make It Fun, Make People Dance.” Judging by the turnouts for local Zumba classes in New Jersey it does just that. Beto has just one simple goal and that is to make Zumba fun!

Zumba Is Not Just for Those People That Already Know How to Dance


One day I got to my class, and I realized I’d left my regular aerobics music at home. I looked in my bag, took out some salsa and merengue tapes, popped them into the sound system, and taught the first-ever Zumba® class. After a career as a trainer and choreographer in Colombia, I decided to make the big move to the United States.

With only with my moves and my passion, I sold all my belongings and moved to Miami in search of the American Dream. I didn’t speak a word of English. I’m here to better myself and bring the Zumba love to the entire planet. I’ve made a challenging position for myself as an instructor in a great work environment surrounded by friends who have become like family to me!”

Regardless of whether you know your left foot from your right foot – anyone – any age can join the party at a Zumba class. And if you’re wondering, because your guy; yes even guys do it! That’s what’s great about a Zumba class, your burning off up to 1000 calories and at the same time having the best time of your life.

Having the proper Zumba dance shoes is very important for this type of workout. Beto Perez has revolutionized the fitness industry by introducing this Latin dance fitness workout to everyone worldwide.

So What Are You Waiting for!

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  1. Carina Valdes
    7 years ago

    I am impressed with zumba and interested to become zumba instructor. I am in California. Can you give me information how to get zumba intructor certification. I heard about the successful stories and would like to have some fun while working and exercising. Who could ask for more ?!

  2. demi
    7 years ago

    well i think zumba is terrific it helps you get in shape i lost 4 pounds from just trying it a day it is amazing because anyone can do zumba because its mixed with dancing and exercising .

  3. alis cruz
    6 years ago

    Me encanta zumba !!!