Bully Xtreme Scam – Does It Get Results

Is there a Bully Xtreme Scam?

Within this Bully Xtreme review you will discover the answers to the question… "Is There a Bully Xtreme scam of any kind."

bully-xtreme-scamThe one thing we all need to understand is that there is a great deal of BS information online. For example, I have not been paid to write this review. It is written only to achieve the goal of making others aware of both the pros and cons of the Bully Extreme isometric exercise machine.

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In this article, you will uncover information from an actual purchaser of the exercise machine. I’m sure you’ll agree, that if you haven’t tried the product is unfair to others to write a review of it. However, you will find as I have that there are reviews about this product and others that the authors of the review have never purchased or used product.

At the end of the day, this is absolute stupidity on the part of the person writing the review.

Let’s take a look at one example. Paul J O’Brien has a review of the product that is negative.

However, this individual has NEVER purchased, tried or even seen in person the Bully Extreme isometric exerciser. What’s outlandish about this is that he offers his opinion as a fact."

As you can see there are some REAL BS reviews online about the Bully Xtreme.

If you search deep enough you’ll probably find a negative review by a Bully Xtreme competitor. John Hughes the Bullworker distributor has and is openly attacking the Bully Xtreme product even though they both use the same manufacturer.

Okay for now that’s enough about the Bully Xtreme scam.

Now, let’s discuss some of the benefits and features of the Bully Extreme and it’s current version the Bully Extreme 4.

The Bully Extreme has several advantages over most of the other isometric exercisers available today. Here’s a short list of some of its competitors:

These are the only three products available today that are similar to the Bully Extreme.

These three products all utilize the old Bullworker design which is a two tube system. Gert F Koelbel the inventor of the Bullworker X5 switched to a three tube system because it allowed for more exercises than a two tube system and allowed for greater muscle building benefits according to their literature.bully-xtreme-exercises

The Bullworker X5 was a dramatic improvement in this was as a result of going to a three tube system that allowed for more exercises and allow each side of the body to work independently of the other. This is very similar to using dumbbells or resistance bands. For this reason the Bully Xtreme is the superior product over the other three. It utilizes a three tube system, steel cables instead of cloth straps, and an all steel body.

I believe this is the main reason why the Bully Xtreme can offer a lifetime defects warranty and none of its competition will match it.

The Truth About The Bully Xtreme Scam

The company has been selling the Bully Extreme for almost 6 years now.

And while in the beginning they did have a few hiccups in terms of having sufficient product available. According to their spokesperson those problems are way behind them.

In this writer’s opinion, the Bully Xtreme is the superior isometric isotonic exercise machine. Even their money back guarantee is better than the competition. They offer a full 120 day money back guarantee. Believe it or not this is unheard of in the industry!

The fitness equipment includes a wall chart that illustrates some of the more than 80+ exercises that you can do with this equipment.

At its current price this product is a huge Internet bargain.

If you are looking for an effective and safe training routine that you can do from home then check into Bully Xtreme or you may choose to check out some Bully Xtreme Reviews

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