Cheap Zumba Classes in New Jersey

cheap Zumba classes in New Jersey

Hi, this is Melissa Marcketta owner of And Smart Girls Fitness, LLC.

Hopefully by now you have read about our new location at Dancer’s Pointe  2285 South Ave. Scotch Plains.And you probably heard about our OPEN HOUSE today, Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 8 PM this evening.

This is a free class and you can register ==>  Click Here

(if you have never been to our attendance and accounting site before, click the link, create a login or use your Face Book Login,it will ask you “THIS IS ME” click on it – the system will recognize you and walk you through the rest of the registration-. Please note if you sign in with a nickname the system will not recognize you– it will know your legal name or the name you used on your waiver).

Space is running out and unfortunately we are reserving this class for the first 25 people that register online.

We only have space for a few left. Take advantage of this free Zumba class and have an opportunity to meet some of the new and old instructors and see what a beautiful location this is.

To help you take advantage of all our new 6 locations and the fact that we currently have more than 15 licensed Zumba instructors – I recently sent out an email about our special Zumba class offer.

This is your opportunity to get Zumba classes for as little as $6.50 per class!

And to help you even further I am offering a 2 payment plan to make this even more affordable. Go ahead and click on the links below and take advantage of this…  one of the lowest prices for Zumba classes this year.

I won’t be offering it at this price again in 2013 and possibly 2014.

These passes don’t expire for one full year so if you currently have other passes – buy these and save them because you have 12 months from the date of purchase to use them up.

Here’s the links:

Click Here For the one payment plan

Click her to pay in two payments

And you will also get a FREE copy of the following special report:

We have put together a special report that will help you to lose weight and get toned using Zumba classes.

In this special report that you will be able to download from our website once you purchase these low-priced Zumba class passes…

You Will Discover the Following:

  • How a simple tweak in your eating plan can help you lose weight 10 times faster than you ever thought possible.
  • What are the best clothes to wear to a Zumba class
  • Why your selection of footwear is critical to avoid injury and get the most fun from your class time.
  • A no-charge-peek inside the widely acclaimed and sold Zumba weight loss plan.
  • And much more

So, don’t wait any longer because there will only be 50 (ONLY 35 LEFT) Zumba class passes available and this sale ends next Tuesday.

Once they are gone that’s it–the sale is over!

Your friend and coach,

Melissa Marcketta


PS Remember, this is the lowest sale price for Zumba classes in months or even years. Jump on it now and get the special dance fitness 101 e-book special report that includes critical and valuable information from the Zumba weight loss program.

Here’s the link to save money:

Click Here For the one payment plan

Click her to pay in two payments

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