Does Zumba Help You Lose Weight and Inches

Why are so many people joining Zumba dance and exercise classes? Does Zumba help you lose weight and inches ?

Well the short answer is a resounding – YES!

Here are 10 tips to lose the maximum amount of fat, body weight and drop inches that I have shared with many of my clients that have asked me– does Zumba help you lose weight and inches

  • Tip #1: Take a Zumba dance class a minimum of three times a week. Using videos is fine but there is something about the excitement and energy in a Zumba class that makes the workout so much fun.
  • Tip #2: Watch what you eat and read nutrition labels. Look for food products with no trans-fats and little saturated fat. Raw fruits and vegetables, plain popcorn and yogurt are healthier snacks.
  • Tip #3: Drop the soda and choose calorie free flavored water instead of sugary beverages.
  • Tip #4: Pack your lunch to work and bring some healthy snacks to prevent that candy machine run.
  • Tip #5: Almonds are king of nuts add them to salads or have 10 as a snack. Almonds give you extra magnesium, what a bonus…this will help you sleep restfully.
  • Tip #6: Add low fat dairy– diets high in calcium help you metabolize fat.
  • Tip #6: GO FISH…diets high in omega 3 fatty acids help boost metabolism.
  • Tip #7: Eat eggs…egg whites eaten at breakfast are great for making you feel fuller, longer. No growling stomach here.
  • Tip #8: Build muscle with beans. They are packed with protein, fiber, & iron they are an excellent low calorie addition to your foods, salads & soups.
  • Tip #9: Swap your morning beverage for Green Tea. Green tea has been proven in nutritional studies to boost metabolism and aid in fat burning.
  • Tip #10: Go ahead eat some carbs…just don’t over do it, they can bloat you. Make sure they are whole grain ONLY. From pretzels to mini bagels to sushi, anything and everything comes in whole grain these days so no excuses! Just don’t eat more than 2 servings a day to maximize the pounds you’you’ll drop.

So does Zumba dancing help you lose weight and inches?  Doing 3 Zumba dance classes per week and following the tips above and you will see the weigh and inches dropping off your body quickly and most importantly you will be having fun.

At A Zumba class you will get the support from the instructor as well as your fellow dancers. Some instructors offer a written guide full of tips and strategies to maximize your weight loss. If you would like to learn more about Zumba dance, fat burning, body shaping and having a fun workout that any one any age can do to get results fast.

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