Welcome to www.ZumbaFitnessNJ.com here you will find the most frequently asked questions about ZUMBA ®.

Who is Zumba Fitness NJ?


www.ZumbaFitnessNJ.com is the business website of Melissa Marcketta a licensed Zumba Dance Instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer.

Our mission is to make as many individuals as possible aware of the long-term health benefits of Zumba fitness and aerobic exercise. Through this website, our Zumba dance classes, seminars, workshops and working in cooperation with Trinitas Hospital Medical Center, the American Heart Association, Susan B. Koman Race for the Cure and many others to achieve this goal.

What Should I Bring and/or Wear to a Zumba Class?

Generally you should bring a towel, water, a sweatshirt, and a healthy snack.

The type of shoe is key for easy flowing movement, so you should wear good supportive shoes such as cross-trainers, or dance-specific sneakers. Wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom and are meant for medial/lateral/twisting motion. Bring a positive attitude and be prepared to have … FUN!

Leave all your cares and troubles behind and get ready to sweat, shake your booty and have a great time!

What are the best shoes for Zumba?

Zumba recommends any shoe that has good cushion support, medial-lateral support (for side to side movements) and low-traction rubber (for easy sliding and turning).

There are a number of great fitness shoes and dance sneakers that fit this description. Usually court shoes or "aerobic" shoes are good for medial-lateral and pivoting movements. Running shoes are not ideal due to the heavy tread on the bottom of the shoes and because running shoes are designed more for forward movement. The best shoe for you is the shoe that fits your foot well. Zumba cannot recommend one single shoe to all people, because everyone’s feet, body type, and dancing styles are different.

It is important for you to try different shoes to find the best one for you.

How many calories can I burn during a Zumba Class?


It is very difficult to estimate the number of calories burned during a Zumba Class, because it depends on you, your body type, your body composition, the intensity, and the range of motion that you use with each workout. For example in one Zumba class, one participant could burn 500 calories, while another participant burns 1000 calories. We recommend monitoring how you feel and compare it to other activities that you do that have "calories burned" associated with it and then estimate accordingly.

What is Zumba Basic?

The Zumba Basic Workshop addresses and prepares you to teach Zumba to the general exercising population. It is a high-energy workshop where you learn the basic steps of Zumba in order to put together a Zumba Class. This course provides multiple variations of the different steps, giving the instructor a wide range of choices of movements to include in their classes. It is an intense, full day of movement and learning.

What is Zumba Gold?

The Zumba Gold training is designed for any instructor who wishes to teach Zumba to the active adult population or the true beginner (de-conditioned) participant.

Zumba has specifically tailored this course based on current research to address today’s growing senior population. Teaching exercise classes to the more mature body requires specific attention to such things as balance issues as well as hip, shoulder, and joint considerations. Therefore, Zumba Gold addresses the anatomical, physiological, and psychological needs of the aging adult and tailors the basic steps for this population.

You will learn the dances (and be given music for those dances), as well as transitions, and teaching techniques to make a Zumba Gold class safe, effective and fun! It also includes a Zumba Chair workout. With a Zumba Gold certificate, you can only teach Zumba Gold classes.

We hope you will join us for a Zumba Class if you live in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania. To find Zumba dance class times and locations please visit: Zumba Classes in New Jersey