“Welcome Groupon Zumba Classes Promotion Customers!”


Hello and thank you for purchasing our Groupon Zumba Classes Promotion.

Please complete the form below in order for us to register you for your first Zumba class… using the Groupon Voucher Number and information that you were sent by e-mail from Groupon.

After you register for your first (registration form below) Zumba class, please wait to receive your e-mail confirmation from us. The confirmation e-mail will be sent out to you within 24 to 72 hours.

Because of the huge success of this “Groupon Zumba Class Promotion” we ask for your patience in waiting for the e-mail confirmation.


Side Note: After registering, receiving your e-mail confirmation of your reserved class and attending your first class – you will NOT need to make an appointment or notify us of any future classes that you wish to take. You can Just DROP IN to any class on the schedule.


However, in order to keep within the guidelines of “Groupon” and this promotion, we do need you to complete the information requested below. It is critical that you include your voucher number and all of the information requested.

After you complete the registration form below, you will receive within 24 to 72 hours an e-mail confirmation that you need to print out and bring with you along with your Groupon voucher when you go to attend your first Zumba class.

So please keep this in mind when picking out your class times.

After your first class is reserved and you have received e-mail confirmation from us – you can attend any Zumba class, ANY time, ANY location, that you wish. Just check our Zumba class schedule page for locations, times and the days that classes are available.

We Offer 25 plus Zumba Classes At 6 Convenient Locations per Week!

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Here’s What You Need to Do to Register
and Reserve Your First Zumba Class

  1. First, fill in your first name and last name
  2. e-mail address
  3. Zip Code
  4. Click on the “Submit” button below.

After that you will be taken to a new page in which you will fill in your address, Groupon promotion voucher number, and some additional information that’s required.

Once this is done, you will have completed your “Groupon Zumba class promotion” registration process.

Please Complete the Form below and Then Complete the Short Form That Follows It After You Hit the Submit Button