How Many Calories Does Zumba Burn

How Many Calories Does Zumba Burn?

It seems America and for that matter, the rest of the world is always on a diet of some kind.

How many calories does Zumba burn

For example, the world-famous "South Beach Diet" is one of this country’s fastest selling diet books of all times. With an excess of 7.8 million copies sold. It seems that a quick way to make a buck in America and come up with some diet.

Whether it works or not is immaterial because the majority of individuals do not change their lifestyle. Therefore, there is ever an increasing demand for another diet!

What Is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right foods.

It’s also about engaging in the proper type of aerobic exercise. This type of activity is heart healthy and speeds up your metabolism. Which are all essential to losing weight and to  maintain a certain body fat level. However, do not be disheartened there is hope.

With an amazing dance-fitness cardio workout, that works and is loads of fun.

Are you tired and confused by all the different "CARDIO" styled dance classes?

Well there is hope for you yet! Meet Zumba Dance. Zumba Dance is a blending of Latin and International music dance themes creating a vibrant, successful fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

In fact, it is considered the best cardio workout by Curves Gym, personal trainers, Hollywood celebrities, and many other individuals who have been able to lose weight with Zumba diet plan.

ZUMBA utilizes the principles of interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total toning. It’s a blend of body sculpting dance movements and easy-to-follow dance steps.

So how many calories does Zumba burn?

An average class can burn from 500 to 800 calories!

Weight loss is all about how many calories you consume versus how many calories you burn. You can easily measure the amount of calories your dancing workout burns by wearing a heart rate monitor.

In fact, many participants wear a Polar heart rate monitor in order to maximize the benefits of Zumba and it’s ability to help you lose weight.

Polar FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Bronze)Heart Rate Monitors)

You can also use a exercise log and a food diary to help you keep track and stay committed to your fitness goals. You can of course burn more or less depending on your intensity and fitness level. Your Zumba instructors will work with you to get the maximum results… fast.

How’s that for different, better than exercising at home listening to some boring CD, right? The choreography or dance moves are easy enough for even a beginner.

In addition, they even offer a program for active seniors and for kids.

Along with the Zumba dance classes it’s important to follow these fat loss, fool-proof nutrition tips that will maximize the amount of calories you burn:

  • Eat veggies – Mix and match fresh veggies for variety. They are full of fiber and will help you burn body fat.
  • Snack – Go ahead just snack on good stuff, like nuts (especially almonds) veggies fresh and dried fruit.
  • Nuts – Almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and pecans are great for you. Spice up that yogurt and salad by throwing a few in.
  • Steel cut oats – Cook a ¼ cup with 1 cup of rice milk (trust me it is delicious and you will not need sweetener) for breakfast
  • Protein – Protein is a fat burner. How you ask? Well your body burns more calories digesting protein than eating any other type of food. Eating protein also prevents muscle loss when dieting.
  • Yogurt – Will help you lose weight and at the same time protect your muscles. Yogurt is also a simple & convenient snack. It is also high in protein.

Follow these tips, attend as many Zumba classes or sessions, as you can and you will quickly maximize your calories burned. And soon enough you’ll be able to wear that tight dress or a two-piece bikini.

So how many calories does Zumba burn?

Follow these tips and you will quickly shed enough body fat to have that body of your dreams!

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  1. Deepika Harendranath
    7 years ago


    I am Deepika. I weigh about 85kgs. I hate going to Gym’s.It is so boring. I like swimming but my working hours makes it very difficult to go for a swim on a daily basis. Hence i go on saturday between 9 – 10am, only ladies hour. You know of the kind of size i am in i prefer going in the ladies hour.From childhood, i like to dance, but i do not know dancing. I have never danced with the rythm any time in my life. My work life is sitting in one place for the entire 9 hours. i eat rice, chapathi, whatever is made at home. Non veg in my house is once a week. My body shape is very dispropotionate. I have a sagging tumming due to which i have irregular menstrual cycle.After seeing your add in the TV, i thought like i can learn dancing and simultaeneously exercise. I will be only able to do this at home. My concern is, will the DVD teach me exercising from the basic without a physical instructor to guide me, next to me i mean. What sort of diet i need to maintain. In a month howmuch a person with the kind of weight and body propotionate can loose weight.I find it very very difficult to loose weight. before i order this i want to know full information for the same.

  2. kathy cruz
    7 years ago

    I have lost 14 lbs in three weeks with zumba. I eat healthy and do zumba 5 times a week. If I crave something that i like and that its unhealthy I eat a small portion.

  3. Joe the Cable Guy
    7 years ago

    I’ve been only to one Zumba class , and it is VERY fun. Zumba can be for guys too! I’ve seen a couple.
    My calves are still aching from last Tuesday..

    • zumba
      6 years ago

      @Joe the Cable Guy:

      Hey Joe,

      Glad to hear that you had the courage to show up at a Zumba class.

      One of the benefits is that you get to see some really outstanding women totally transform their bodies.

      Never allow the fact that you don’t have a local Zumba class to get in the way of you achieving your goals. The new and exciting Zumba exhilarate program can help you on those days when getting to a class is just not possible.

      You can check out a free video and additional information here:


  4. Better_Guy
    7 years ago

    I’ve lost 15lbs so far but im a better guy with a better face so thats
    why I look better.

    • zumba
      6 years ago


      That’s outstanding – better guy.

      Keep us updated and provide pictures of your weight loss. It will inspire you and others to stay committed to your fitness and weight loss goals.


  5. Crystal Rice
    6 years ago

    I have lost almost 100lbs doing the weight watchers and i have been doing dvd’s at home for years but, Zumba is so fun and it goes so fast that it doesnt feel like you have worked out that long… i think this is by far the BEST workout video i have ever bought!!!!!

  6. Ba Chica
    6 years ago

    I’ve been doing Zumba for 3 weeks but haven’t been consistent (Do it maybe 2 times a week), and haven’t been watching what I’m eating. Haven’t lost anything so far. The amount of weight and inches you lose is proportionate to the amount of effort you make. Beto and those ladies in the DVD aren’t gunna jump out of the TV screen and make me do it. I have to discipline myself. I am gunna get serious this week though and really start doing it every day and watching what I eat.

  7. tricia
    6 years ago

    started two weeks ago. I am addicted, love zumba. I do it at least 5x a week and crave more. having fun doing it with 4 year old grandson who ask me if we can do zumba when he comes over. I have never had so much fun working out/

  8. Tina Jones
    5 years ago

    Hi just started doing the zumba. I got the Zumba Fitness DVD’s and I do the
    20min Flat Abs in the morning and then do either the Cardio Party,Sculpt and Tone or Zumba Fitness Live on an evening.
    I love it because it doesn’t feel like an exercise and so far have lost 5lb in weight and 2 inch on my waist.
    Once you learn the steps the routine comes easy and also got my daughters doing it
    So it keeps them healthy as well.
    It was well worth every penny spent

  9. Tracy
    5 years ago

    Did the Basic dvd yesterday to learn the moves. Did the Cardio dvd today and LOVED it. When I finished I asked my daughter how long I had worked out and we thought it was maybe a half hour. We could not believe when we read it was 50 minutes. Time went by so quickly because it was so much fun! I am hooked.