How to Dress for Zumba

What to Wear for Your Zumba Dance Class

zumba-cargo-pants2Zumba is an exciting type of aerobic exercise that brings together upbeat music with booty shaking dance movements that create a total body workout. Because Zumba utilizes high-intensity interval training it has the capacity to burn incredible amounts of calories in a very short period of time.

However, the best part about Zumba is that it’s more like a party than an exercise class, that’s why their motto is “Ditch the Workout Join the Party.”

Picking out the right exercise clothing is important to all exercise programs but especially in Zumba where you need to wear loose clothing that will not rub or chafe your body. You don’t want anything too tight or constricting your movements.

Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Learn How to Dress for Zumba:

Tip #1

If you’re a woman wear a sport bra during Zumba exercise. A quality sports bra will suppress breast movement, absorb perspiration and deter chafing. If it’s within your budget have yourself professionally measured for a bra that fits your body and of course your budget. If you’re a man you could wear a tank top or a sweatshirt if you want to sweat even more.

Tip #2

Make sure all the clothes that you select will interfere with exercise movements. Exercise pants, shorts and T-shirts should have the ability to stretch with you and be made of wicking material to keep you dry. The wicking fabrics dry very quickly also. Your socks should be thick enough to provide protection or barrier against blisters and should fit snugly.

Tip #3

Picking up the right Zumba shoes is very critical. Make sure that issues you choose offer plenty of cushion and stability. Notice the amount of traction on the shoes goes too much traction can trip you up in your dance footwork while doing Zumba.

Tip #4

Of the best ways to ensure that you make the right clothing selections is to purchase clothing made specifically for Zumba. Here at this website there are links for some of the best clothing for Zumba that we have found to date. On that page you will find a variety of Zumba exercise clothes with many different sizes, colors and styles to choose from. Including the most popular items which is Zumba cargo pants, Zumba tank tops and fitted T-shirts.

Looking good in class will make you feel better and help enhance the party like atmosphere of your workout. So many individuals go to class in boring clothing that the workouts themselves become boring. So splurge a little look good, feel good and have fun.

To learn more about Zumba Clothing please visit here: Zumba Clothing

To find a local Zumba class please visit here: Zumba Classes in NJ

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  1. Denise Borges
    7 years ago

    Would like to know where to buy the Zumba Cargo pants do you have a website or know of one.

  2. lizett
    7 years ago

    i also would like to know where i can find zumba cargo pants

  3. judy
    7 years ago

    do they make clothes for plus size women? Tee shirts and pants?

    • jeanne
      6 years ago



  4. Linda Tolle
    6 years ago

    I do my zumba at home and we have carpet. Please advise as to what type of shoes should I wear when doiong zumba.