Is Zumba a Fitness Craze or Does It Deliver on Its Promise?

“Does Zumba Deliver on Its Weight Loss Promise?”

Perhaps you have heard about the fitness craze called ZUMBA.


It’s no longer a mystery just about everyone in America or for that matter around the world knows that exercise needs to be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, only 31 percent of adults in America exercise on a regular basis. The astonishing fact is that almost 40 percent of adults in America do not exercise or have any physical activity at all.

These facts come straight from the Center for Disease Control and also Consumer Reports magazine – (their health edition.)
Exercise is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle and this has been promoted by many healthcare professionals. Participating in a group exercise class can help just about anyone even if they lack motivation to stick with an exercise program.

How to Develop Motivation to Stick with an Exercise Program

Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay motivated when you workout at home by yourself.

It’s just too easy to cheat and give yourself excuses for not exercising. However, if we go to a regular exercise class we will have the added motivation from our classmates to help us achieve our fitness goals. Zumba is a great dance fitness workout that can help you burn body fat, tone and shape your body – while having a great deal of fun. Unlike most group exercise classes Zumba focuses on making the experience of exercising ENJOYABLE!

A typical Zumba class last for approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

It’s filled with exciting music and dance steps as opposed to your typical kickboxing or cardio class. Their slogan is “Ditch to Work out and Join the Party” and that is so true.

Who Created Zumba?

Celebrity personal trainer… Beto Alberto Perez… developed Zumba back in the 1990s.


By 1999 he brought over Zumba to America and it met with the same amazing success as it did in his native Colombia. He partnered up with 2 brothers and they put together their first infomercial. The infomercial was widely successful and many of the people that purchased it inquired about becoming Zumba instructors.

While having Zumba instructors was not part of the original game plan, they decided to create The Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN.)

Today, Zumba has over 50,000 instructors in the US and abroad.

There are Zumba classes in just about every city in the United States. The Zumba workout has grown rapidly because of its fun and dedicated instructor network. The workout focuses on utilizing an exercise protocol called “High Intensity Interval Training.” According to researchers using the HIIT exercise protocol allows the individual to burn more calories than with any other workout method.

Their advertising claims that you can burn up to 1000 calories from just one single Zumba workout.

The dance steps are not complicated and even if you have 2 left feet – you can do Zumba. The dance steps used in the Zumba workout include salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, hip-hop and many others.

Zumba for Older Individuals And Kids

In addition to the basic Zumba workout they have expanded their programs to include “Zumba Kids” and “Zumba Gold” (a workout designed for older individuals were people with disabilities) as well as “Aqua Zumba” a workout that takes place in a pool.

Recently, the company has introduced a workout called “Zumba Extreme.”

The Zumba Extreme workout is designed to burn even more calories and utilizes some bodyweight exercises as well as toning sticks to help the individual burn body fat and tone and shape their body. It’s a much more intense work out in the traditional Zumba workout for those individuals that want to “Step It up!”

If you haven’t yet given Zumba a try then you owe it to yourself to get involved in this dance fitness craze and reap the rewards and benefits of better health, greater energy, lower body fat levels and absolutely more fun in your life.

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