Jessica Simpson Reveals Amazing Weight Loss success

Jessica Simpson weight loss


Can it possibly be true? Has Jessica Simpson regained her curvaceous figure after having multiple babies?

Well after giving birth to her second baby this summer Jessica Simpson’s feels and looks better than ever before. Jessica said… “I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.” Jessica who is now 32 years old recently stated in her Weight Watchers Commercial “I have a newfound determination that I’m really proud of.”

Although Jessica used the Weight Watchers program to lose her baby weight, there are better programs that are easier to follow and allow you to eat  most if not all your favorite foods.

==> Better Than Weight Watchers Diet

Jessica who is the spokes model for Weight Watchers has been all over the boob tube with her commercials and has appeared on various early morning and television shows.

The Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Diet Plan


Jessica who has lost 50 pounds of weight since having her 2nd baby recently revealed her diet secrets.

==> Better Than Weight Watchers Diet

She recently broke down her typical meal plan.

“I am an oatmeal girl!”

The typical bowl of oatmeal is approximately 4 points on the Weight Watchers program and will keep you satisfied all morning long. For lunch, Jessica typically has a sandwich and for dinner she says she tries to keep it “Super Clean.”

As you may or may not know the Weight Watchers program consists of a “points system” that the user applies to each and every food. In addition, there is a weekly meeting for support and to track weight loss. She did confess that her motivation comes from trying to fit into her wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to Eric Johnson (a former NFL tight end.)

How the Weight Watchers Diet Program Works

The Weight Watchers program consists of a list of foods that the individual can eat.

Each food has a number or points. The diet consists of having a certain number of points allocated for daily eating and then choosing the foods to match the total points. Weight Watchers says that people who follow the PointsPlus plan can expect to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. This is a safe and realistic weight loss goal.

Weight Watchers and also recently introduced a 2 week start a program called “Simple Start.”

This program consists of more than 30 meal ideas, photos of recommended portion sizes, suggestions for snack and beverages and even includes its own mobile app. You can follow the diet program entirely on your own online. Or you can go into an in person group meetings where you can get weighed and get support from other people going through the same process.

The group meetings is what has separated the Weight Watchers program from all other diets.

According to Consumer Reports survey… People who attended meetings were more satisfied with the program and lost more weight than people who only used the online tools.

==> Better Than Weight Watchers Diet

Does Weight Watcher Really Work?


In comparison to men and women that try to lose weight on their own – people that follow the Weight Watchers program have lost more weight according to a recent study from the American Journal of Medicine.

In addition, Consumer Reports survey also found that women follow the program for at least 9 months were able to lose between 9 pounds and 28 pounds.

Men on the other hand lost between 12 and 35 pounds of body weight following the Weight Watchers program.

Weight Watchers Biggest Appeal

The program has been popular because of their insistence that no food is forbidden when you follow this plan. In addition, Weight Watchers does not require you to purchase any prepackaged foods were meals. The program is designed so that you can eat “Real foods” based on the Weight Watchers point system.

The point plus program sets up a target… Which is based on and personalized to your body (sees determined by your age, weight, height and gender) or you need to do is stay within your daily target and you can spend those points however you’d like even on alcohol, or desserts. Of course, eating healthier low calorie foods will cost you fewer points.

Overall the Weight Watchers program has had a great deal of success low recidivism rate.

==> Better Than Weight Watchers Diet

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