Melissa Kellerman Cheerleader Dallas Cowboys Has Her Twitter Account Shutdown!

Melissa Kellerman Cheerleader Dallas Cowboys

By now you have probably heard about Melissa Kellerman Cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and her incident with the Dallas Cowboys Tight End – Jason Witten.

However, recently the Dallas Cowboys organization has shut down her Twitter AccountMelissa Kellerman, who hails from Keller, Texas has been dancing and competing from the age of three. Of course, she loves dancing, swimming, cooking, and shopping (what woman doesn’t 🙂

it seems that the Dallas Cowboys just don’t want their cheerleaders to become famous by generating their own attention. So in keeping with that tradition they have managed to kick Melissa off of twitter. You see, it all happened during a Miami Dolphins versus the Dallas Cowboys football game. Jason Witten accidentally tackled the attractive Dallas cowboy cheerleader and knocked her down at the end of the play.

Shortly thereafter Kellerman tweeted about the incident and jokingly commented that Jason wasn’t as tough as he looks. That she is WAY tougher than she looks 🙂

Well, the Cowboys organization couldn’t put up with that and consequently forced her to close her Twitter account. You can see the tackle in one of the videos below.

When questioned about this the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader organization said that they do not get involved in administering the twitter accounts of the players or the cheerleaders. They stated that Melissa made her own decision regarding her Twitter account over the weekend. Ha, sure, sure, sure!

[jwplayer mediaid=”5142″]

It seems that Melissa was just making some funny remarks about her being tackled by Jason Witten . Well, as a result of her funny twitters… the Dallas Cowboys organization has shut her down – so to speak.

Here’s The Jason Witten Tackled The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman

This has just ignited more news about last week’s football game and the fact that Melissa said that “She Is Tougher Than Jason Witten.” 🙂

Here’s an Exciting Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Bikini And Swimsuit Video

Watch This Amazing and Tantalizing Video

Here’s the Buzz around the Internet about Melissa Kellerman Tackled

Another Great Video About The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Workout:

And another video where the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders show off their amazing bodies and moves!

Here’s What They’re Saying on Twitter about Melissa Kellerman

Melissa Kellerman @MelissaRae #cowboysnation @FreeMelissaRae @BringBakMelissa

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Tackled Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Forced Off Twitter by NFL

After Melissa Kellerman tweeted about being knocked down by tight end Jason Witten during Thursday’s game, she was reportedly told to delete her account by the professional football organization.

Publish Date: 11/27/2011 0:25

Jason Witten tackles Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa

Melissa Kellerman is a four-year veteran of the Cowboys cheerleading squad — and is now a whole lot more famous than she was a couple days ago.

Publish Date: 11/25/2011 13:00

Melissa Kellerman Cheerleader Witten Tackled Forced Off Twitter

Melissa Kellerman Cowboys’ Cheerleader Jason Witten Tackled Forced Off Twitter. Photos and Videos of Kellerman.

Publish Date: 11/27/2011 14:09

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