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Have you heard about the “Secret?”

The Secret … is an exciting movie that was featured on the Oprah Winfrey, Maury Povich and many other TV shows recently. The secret was created by Rhonda Byrne and has become in a very short time a phenomenon. The secret is all about using the law of attraction to achieve your goals.


One of the tools talked about in the “The Secret” was using visualization. Visualization is a process were we imagine ourselves having and enjoying whatever our goal is. So for example if you desire to have a thinner, well toned and shapely body…  you could cut out pictures from magazines and paste them on a visualization board.

Another technique would be to sit down and see yourself in your minds eye walking around in a bikini or that slinky dress and imagine yourself already having your ideal body. However, Mind Movies make the process easier and up to 10 times faster than any other method that I have found.

Here is the first of 6 free videos that explain what Mind Movies are all about. This one has to do with your health. Just right click on it and save target as…

Be sure to watch at least one every morning and night. With just 6 minutes day, you will feel the difference!

>>> To learn more about mind movies CLICK HERE

Here is a video that explains more…

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