What Music To Use In A Zumba Kids – Zumbatomic® Class

Kids just love to dance and move don’t they? That’s why the music selection for the Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® class is so important. While a good Zumba instructor will introduce the children to different music many times it is best to begin with music that they are ready familiar with. A combination of hip-hop, popular tunes, Latin rhythms and others is an ideal combination.

Here Are Some of My Favorites Zumba Kids – Zumbatomic® Class Music And Songs:

El Tiburon- Merengue

Chilquilla- Cumbia

La Gallinita- Merengue

Bidid Bidi Bom Bom- Slow Cumbia

Baila esta Cumbia- Cumbia

El Baile del Perrito- Merengue

Disney Mambo #5 – Mambo

El Baile del Gorila- Cumbia

Acuyuye – Salsa/ Hip-Hop

Muevete- Salsa/ Hip-Hop

Y dale – Merengue/ Hip- Hop

Conga-Rhythm is Gonna Get you/ Salsa

Tomalo Suave- Reggeton

Spider Man- Slow Cumbia

Zokaly pso- Zumba

Kulikitaka- Merengue

Toma que toma- Belly dance

Who let the dog out- Hip-Hop

It is more and more more critical to get kids out exercising. With all of fast foods and junk food that they enjoy eating they need an activity that is both fun, exciting and burns off those fat calories.

To learn more about Zumba for kids – Zumbatomic® please visit here: Zumba Kids

To find out about classes in your area please visit: Zumba Classes in New Jersey

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