Zumba Classes In NJ – Mothers Day 2009

It’s Going to be a Mother of ZUMBA a Weekend!

Mother’s day is fast approaching! To honor all the mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, cousins & BFF’s… I am hosting a Very Special Mother of a weekend Zumba Party on Saturday, May 9, 2009. The Zumba class will run from 9a.m. to 11 PM… but you can party until 12 PM!

Here is how it’s going to work :

  • We will start off with a Raffle
  • Then A a Half Hour of PURE ZUMBA TONING from 9:30 a.m. until 10:00 pm (There is no extra charge for this Zumba class)
  • A15 minute break to browse and breathe and raffle some more gifts
  • Then the usual 1 hour class Zumba class from 10:15-11:15

Then more browsing and more raffles. There will be the Fabulous Fake Designer Handbag gal there selling her awesome bags and the Handmade Jewelry Gal both from the Zumbathon. In addition, there will be raffles for special goodies all during class. (Everyone that attends will be getting something!)

Here’s just a small sample to whet your appetite:

  • Massages
  • Haircuts
  • Zumba Goodies
  • Zumba Music CD’s
  • Free classes and more

Anyone bringing in a mom, sister, grand mom, friend, significant other that has never been to my Zumba class before will get One Free Class Card for bringing a guest! The guest only pays… $5.00 $5!

How is that for a Zumba Mother’s day Special

But wait… there’s more… before I forget I am including the one extra superduper Mother’s Day treat! We will be offering a new Zumba discount pass. Now, you can purchase a Zumba classes for only… $72.00. That’s only $9.00 per class! Or better yet you can purchase a 12 pass for only $96.00… it’s only $8.00 per class.

These passes will be good for eight weeks and you may purchase up to three per customer. One final thing, if your passes are about to expire you will be able to take advantage of this offer starting today asked me point unfortunately it ends at the Zumba Mother’s Day party on Saturday, May 9, 2009. So take advantage of this today!

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