Zumba Classes in NJ

Zumba Classes in NJ – Get in Shape for the New Year with the 2012 Holiday Schedule

If you’re looking for the Zumba classes in New Jersey 2012 holiday schedule for ZumbaFitnessNJ.com and Melissa Marcketta classes you have reached the correct page.

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  1. Linda
    5 years ago

    No day time classes other than Sat/Sun??? I just signed up for Localery specl – but if there are no day time classes in Millburn, this wont work. PLs reply. Thx

    • zumba
      5 years ago

      Hello, there are daytime classes on Saturday and Sunday.there is not enough demand during the week for daytime classes. Here’s the class schedule there are over 26 classes available per week.


  2. Linda
    5 years ago

    No day time classes? This is the correct email. Pls reply. I am hoping there are daytime classes in Millburn – at least ONCE a week!!??
    PLs reply. Sched NJ show only evening classes and weekends – agghh! Hoping for more availability. Thx