Zumba Clothing for Women – Instructor Shares Tips To Save Money On Dance Workout Clothes

Zumba clothing for women can provide you with many different benefits.

Furthermore, it seems that it’s also one of the most frequently asked questions in both classes and online forums. It can be especially difficult if you’re a Zumba beginner.

Knowing how to select the correct clothes will help prevent chafing and feeling like you’ve been soaked from the intense workout.

When you are done reading this article you will know how to select the best Zumba clothing for women, what makes the best material for your dance workout clothes, what type of supportive bra you should look for and finally what type of shoes or sneakers you should wear.

The list of Zumba clothing for women is quite extensive. In fact, the company now has a line of children’s and men’s clothing as well.

Zumbawear, Fitness Clothing, Dance Fitness Bra Tops, Workout Pants And Much More to Keep You in Fashion


Here’s a short list of some of the more popular clothes items and accessories:

  • Fast Dash Racerback Tank
  • Feelin’ It Racerback Top
  • Zumba Logo Cargo Pants
  • Cargo Capri Pants


These items are available in different colors however, black seems to be the most popular.

The Zumba cargo pants have an elastic drawstrings to adjust to your waist size. The amazing thing about their clothes is they have a unique way of making your tush look sexy. The company also carries a complete line of dance fitness tops including a spaghetti tank and a classic racerback cut.

You can certainly dress to impress with the apparel that’s available to you.

Tips When Buying Zumba Clothes

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when selecting the correct dance workout clothing:

  • Don’t wear sweatpants or any other type of pants that are made out of cotton. You’ll be soaked by the end of the class.
  • Make sure that the clothing is loose fitting and allows you to move. This is especially true when selecting your pants.
  • If you can select clothing that is made out of a quality wicking material. This will keep you dry throughout your class or session.
  • T-shirts or tank tops are excellent because they stretch along with your body and will not hinder you during your exercise session.
  • Purchase a good sports bra. You need a very supportive bra to prevent chafing and unnecessary movement.
  • Purchase shoes or sneakers that provide good ankle support, are flexible, and have a smooth sole.

Many of the instructors use hip scarfs which of course are worn around the waist.

While this does not serve any purpose other than adding more fun to the workout. Much of the apparel is available in bright and trendy colors. This is not the time to be shy, pick a color and style that will make you stand out.


So far we have covered in this review… what type of items are available, some of the features you should look for in your apparel choices. Finally, we discussed that you should have fun with your choices and dress like you’re going to a party.

An exercise party that is.

Many times you can find some extra savings from going to a website store owned by one of the many instructors. They get the product at a wholesale price and many times they will offer you free shipping or a lower price than what is available at the Zumba website.

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