Zumba Dance Shoes – 3 Critical Elements for Selecting the Proper Workout Shoes

How to Pick out the Proper Zumba Dance Shoes

Zumba shoes for dance workouts

If you’re looking to purchase the proper Zumba dance shoes, then grab a chair because you’re going to want to read this article

In the next couple of moments we’re going to look at three critical elements that you need to consider before you purchase any type of Zumba dance shoes.

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Zumba Dance Shoes And Dance Sneakers

Zumba-Z1 sneakers

First, we’re going to discuss what type of material they should be made from.

Next, we are going to make sure that you pick out your footwear with proper shock absorption and cushioning. Finally we’re going to wrap up by talking about selecting footwear with the correct arch support.

After you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to save yourself money and pain from overpriced, inappropriate dance workout footwear. By the way, besides fitness shoes you can buy clothing to make your workout more comfortable from Zumbawear.

The company offers cargo pants, tank tops, and other popular clothing. You have probably seen some of the instructors are wearing different variations of their clothing line.

First, let’s talk about the material that your Zumba dance shoes should be made from.

The best shoes for Zumba will be stylish and at the same time lightweight. They should be constructed from a fabric mesh. This aids your feet in remaining cool. Avoid footwear designed for aerobics if they are made completely from leather.

Zumba Dance Shoes – Getting The Proper Shock Absorption And Cushioning

Next, let’s discuss the role of cushioning and shock absorption in your workout sneakers.

You want to select footwear that will provide the proper ankle support, are lightweight as mentioned earlier and have plenty of material to cushion the shock of the dance movements. A little research here will go a long way. There are many name brand manufacturers such as Nike, Ryka, Bloch and others that fit this bill.

Recently, the company itself has come out with their own line of footwear.

Women’s Z-Kickz

Zumba Zkickz snakers

This is being billed as the ultimate dance-fitness shoe but with a kick.

  • No Treads
  • Reflective Logos
  • Super lightweight
  • Made of a Breathable Mesh
  • Comes with neon accents

This is the most popular Zuumba footwear and is used a great deal by the trainers. It’s very flexible and the soles are almost completely smooth. They are made in different sizes. From 5 to 10 for women. It comes in two different colors black and lollipop which is kind of a pink color.

They are perfect for your exercise classes however I would not recommend that you go out on a run or go shopping with them on. Save them for what they were intended.

Women’s Z1 Sneaker

The Z1 sneaker which is billed as the "light as air" workout shoe from the company. It gives you maximum support with a molded foot bed. Not only is it super comfortable, it comes in both black and white colors. You also get five sets of shoe laces that come in assorted colors.

Zumba is the one sneakers for men

Finally, let’s talk about the proper arch support.

This can be a problem if you have high arches or bad arches. We would strongly recommend that you purchase some kind of athletic insert to provide additional support for your arches. As mentioned earlier, the name brand companies really do carry a quality line of footwear.

So, there you have the three crucial elements to keep in mind when selecting your Zumba shoes. Remember, pick out a your footwear so that it’s lightweight. Hold them in your hand if you can and make sure they are not too heavy.

Second, make sure to select a footwear that provides a great deal of shock absorption and cushioning. Stick with the name brand manufacturers since they do a better job at producing a quality product.

Finally, purchase an athletic insert to provide your footwear with greater arch support.

If you ignore any of these three elements you will end up wasting your money and picking out the wrong type of Zumba dance shoes.

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    7 years ago

    This did not provide any information on where to purchse wide width zumba shoes even thow the topic is listed. Do you have the information?

  2. Paula Morelli
    6 years ago

    WHERE can we find wide width Zumba shoes, I have googled and googled and still nothing useful

  3. Darcy Sledge
    6 years ago

    I also heard from a zumba instructor that it is important to have a shoe that allows quick directional changes of the foot, not a shoe that has “drag” on the floor

    Our classes have a lot of pivoting of the feet and moving in a circle first clockwise, then counterclockwise….

  4. Tracy Brown
    5 years ago

    I have a size 10.5 zumba needs to go up some more in there footwear…

  5. Cinda
    5 years ago

    Anyone find any info for wide width shoes?????

  6. Laura Vaughn
    5 years ago

    How do these shoes run size wise? I wear size 9 in Tennies shoes what would recomend 9, 9.5 or 10