Zumba Black Friday boot camp

Dear Student and Friend,

At this time of year we reflect on what we are thankful for.  This year has been a special year. I am so grateful to all of you…clients, co-workers, family and friends for your support.

It motivates us to help all of you with your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

As Always Bootcamp Black Friday is Back With A Vengeance

All of your favorite Zumba Instructors will be there for you. To provide you with 2 hours of Intensive and exhilarating Zumba – Booty Shakin’ Cardio to help you burn off all those EXTRA HOLIDAY CALORIES.

So Don’t worry too much about that extra piece of pie…we’re here to help you burn it off! Remember, we only have room for 40 and we will sell out.

I urge you to click the pay button below or go to the BFBC Page on my website and purchase your tickets today. You will also find …as we do Every Year, Holiday Gift Cards, 5 classes for just $40 to give the gift of health to a friend or family member for the holidays.

As an added Bonus, here is part of an article I wrote to help you thru the holidays, you can find the remainder of it on my website by using the link at the end.

Zumba Weight Loss – Your Holiday Survival Guide

One key factor in avoiding gaining weight over the holidays is to continue your Zumba Weight Loss Classes and diet.

However, the most important factor is to avoid firing off your holiday season eating triggers. You know, the foods that make you pig out which usually includes:

  • Turkey, Gravy and Stuffing
  • Desserts
  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Casseroles
  • Potatoes

And of course, the stress of having friends and family all over the house.

All these things are usually responsible for getting you to begin binge eating and forget your fitness goals.

During the holidays, the average American will gain anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds or more of unattractive body fat.  Most people will gain weight if they are not conscious of what they are consuming. Unfortunately, the holidays tend to be a personal free-for-all for most people.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you shed body fat and reshape your body you might want to try the Zumba 5 day express diet book.

With more visual, social triggers, and food triggers, than at any other time of the year, we often just let ourselves go throughout the entire holiday season right to New Year’s Day.

Imagine two months of overeating.From Thanksgiving and through the New Year.

This is unhealthy and as you can imagine not a great idea. It’s during this particular time of the year that you really need to focus on your fitness goals.