Zumba Dance Workout – What Is Zumba Dancing

What is the Zumba dance workout all about?

Like many women and men today that are looking to improve their fitness levels, you may have found yourself asking this very same question.

If that’s the case, then continue reading to find out more about the Zumba fitness phenomenon and why so many people love and are wild for Zumba.

This “no rhythm required” group exercise class or fitness DVD, doesn’t really require any special equipment and in many cases you don’t even have to be a member of a health club or gym.

All that’s really important is that you want to get in shape, and what you will find is that this type of class is more like a party then a workout.

In the next few paragraphs, you will discover a few things that you must know about the Zumba dance workout classes.

First, we’ll discuss the history of this Latin dance based fitness program.

Then, we will go over the types of dance classes that there are available to you today. Finally, we will talk about the type of Zumba clothing and shoes/sneakers that are necessary and what to look for in an instructor.

At the end of this brief article, you will be able to decide if Zumba dance workout classes are right for you and more importantly if they will help you reach your exercise goals.

This Latin dance class was created in the 90s by a man named Alberto Beto Perez. This group exercise class uses a mix of Latin and international dance music combined with cardio to make exercise fun. By working every muscle in the body, it will help you tone and strengthen your core during the course of the class.

It has been used in many music videos, and has become very popular because of shows like Dancing With The Stars.

A great number of celebrities have jumped on board and they just love Zuumba. One of the great things about this dance workout is that age is no barrier and it has grown so popular that they now even offer a video game that you can use at home to workout with. This is in addition to the DVD and of course your local classes.

Many of the instructors of course use music like cumbia, salsa, and other Latin songs.

However, it’s now part of the company’s policy to incorporate more popular music. Many of the classes are utilizing music and songs from some of the top artist today. For example, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and many hip-hop and rap artists.

Most of the instructors are members of the ZIN network.

This is the companies monthly instructor training membership program. With the ZIN network the instructors get a license or certification to be able to teach a fitness class. The company also offers the ability to find a class or find an instructor at their website using their class locator software. It’s easy to use and will give you a listing of all the certified instructors in your area.

Currently there are five different types of classes offered within the Zumba dance workout.

1. Gold – is a program specifically designed for older individuals or someone who is physically impaired.

2. Zumba – the original, this program or class fits just about everyone.

3. Zumba Toning – focuses on calorie burning and strength training. Uses weighted sticks, similar to maraca’s.

4. Aqua – similar to water aerobics and is for ages 14 and up.

5. Zumbatomic – for the younger crowd ages 4 to 12. Uses hip-hop, reggaeton and pop.

There are also other types of fitness class, such as a 90 min. version of the original. It focuses on maximum fat and calorie burning. Not all instructors offer or are qualified to teach all of these classes. Most instructors will do 2 to 3 types of classes. It is up to you to find the teacher for the class that you want.

You can’t go into this class with normal gym shoes and shorts.

It’s a dance class with a lot of movements, so you want to be comfortable. You want to wear some type of sports bra, a spaghetti tank top, and some cargo pants. These seem to be the most popular with both the instructors and the class participants. Whatever pants or top you decide to wear make sure they’re comfortable and loose fitting.

When you’re looking for the right type of shoe, there are a couple of things you want to look for.

You want a Zumba shoe that is lightweight, comfortable and has good cushioning because you will be on your feet and jumping around and landing a lot. You also want something that has a good insole for cross-training and a high amount of shock absorption. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself.

There are many companies that make shoes great for this type of dance workout.

One of the most well-known is Nike. You will want fairly loose-fitting cargo pants, similar to the ones you see people using on the sites for the classes. You can find these online practically anywhere, the most most popular cargo pants are the black ones.

Now that you know more about the Zumba dance workout, you can decide if it is worth investing your time and money.

You know it’s history. You know the different types of classes that they offer. And you found out the type of clothing that is necessary. If this all seems interesting to you, then you may want to a trial class, you may enjoy it more than you think.

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