“Burn Fat Fast With The Zumba Dance Workout!”

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Can the Zumba dance workout really help you get rid of fat and burn up to 1000 cal in one single session?

You would think that finding a good workout routine would be easy‚Ķ Right? Well the reality is that most people try group exercise classes and just like New Year’s resolutions, they try it for a while but pretty soon they quit.

Why is that?

Latin-Inspired Dance-Fitness, Easy-To-Follow Routines, And Red-Hot Dance Steps

The answer is very simple exercising can be very boring.

That’s where the Zumba dance workout is completely different than anything else available today. You see, when you’re in a Zumba class you don’t feel like you’re exercising. It feels more like you’re at a party just shaking your booty and having a whole lot of fun.

They even have a 20-minute express workout for those individuals that don’t have a great deal of time. A typical session is usually a 45-minute workout although you can probably find classes that last only 30 minutes. This is up to the instructor.

That’s why the company’s motto is “Ditch the Workout and Join the Party.”

The secret is… since you’re having so much fun during this dance-fitness workout that you forget your exercising and as a result you end up staying longer and sticking with the program. The other secret is the “High Intensity Interval Training” that is incorporated in everyone of the Zumba dance workouts.

As a result many people have found one of the best ways to lose calories is going to a class or to purchase the Zumba exhilarate DVD collection.

This dance-fitness class will provide you and at-home fitness & total body workout that beats any other body transformation system on the market today. You will quickly find out why this is the favorite workout of many “Hollywood Celebrities” and you’ll want to either find a class or purchase the fitness DVD collection.

Zumba Fitness-Party Helps You to Sculpt Your Body With Exciting Dance Moves & Music

Zumba dance workout

Here are some additional ways that you can burn fat with the Zumba dance workout:

Make sure that you use the toning sticks because they will help reshape your body and tone your muscles. Muscle burns more calories and although you never have a huge physique you will have nice toned arms, shoulders, chest back etc.

Stay hydrated when you workout. Water helps the body metabolize fat. Since, you’ll be burning a great deal of fat you want to drink plenty water at least a gallon a day.

Try the Zumba weight loss program. In order to get the maximum fat burn you must modify your diet. Learning how to eat right is just as important as exercising 3 to 4 times a week. You can pick up this fact filled book online at Amazon.com. You can pick it up used and save a few bucks.

A typical 45 min. to one hour exercise session will burn anywhere between 600 to 1000 cal. Of course this depends on how much intensity you bring to the workout. Just to give you a comparison to other popular workouts playing baseball will burn about 476 cal. One hour of running nonstop at approximately a 10 min. mile pace will burn approximately 683 cal.

This fun fitness party is great for all ages.

Young or old with over 30 routines, they have a fitness program for you. This dance-fitness program is available in video or a new Wii game.

Zumba creator Beto Perez has put together an exciting product that can help everyone gain better health and enjoy burning calories, reshape your body and gain better health through his Zumba dance workout.

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