Zumba Fitness Video Reviews

The Zumba fitness video has become one of the most popular workouts at home products since Jack Lalane was on TV. Forget Turbo jam, Hip-Hop Abs or any of the other products on TV today.

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However, if you cannot afford these DVDs you may be able to afford going to a class. Many times in many communities, they are offered free of charge or for as little as five dollars. This is a good way to find out whether you like this type of workout or not. Chances are though, that you probably will fall in love with it, as have millions of individuals throughout the world.

The Zumba fitness video has sold in excess of 3 million copies to date. There are also over 20,000 Zumba instructors in over 40 different countries worldwide. This probably makes it the largest aerobic dance workout today.

Utilizing an exciting mix of salsa, reggae, merengue, hip-hop, rumba and other Latin and international music, they have created a party like atmosphere that surpasses any kickboxing class. Most individuals report that attending a class is nothing at all like a workout.

Perhaps that is why the company motto is “Ditch the Workout Join the Party.”

Interval training is what has made Zumba so popular. It utilizes interval training as part of one of its exercise protocols. This means that you will enjoy one fast-paced song that really rev up your heart rate. The following song will be a slower pace song which will allow you to come back to our normal breathing pattern.

This type of training has been scientifically validated to burn nine times more fat calories than any other training protocol currently known. Incorporating a Zumba fitness video with a sensible diet and calorie deficit anyone, any age can reshape their body and drop pounds and inches quickly!

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  1. michelle citon
    7 years ago

    Customer service at zumba fitness is not helpful at all. They told me that my order didn’t go through because of my credit card so I bought it with a different cc. Then they kept trying my original cc until it worked. So I got the charged twice and the product twice. I sent it back and got reimbursed but not for shipping and handling. I know it’s only $13 but still, why should I pay for something that they did?????
    $13 from everyone is a lot of money! Just because of that no, I would never recommend zumba fitness to anyone!