Zumba in New Jersey -The State Has Gone Wild with Zumba

cherylWith the country in a state of turmoil is it no wonder that everyone is going crazy for Zumba in New Jersey. Perhaps you have not heard about Zumba, it is a Latin dancing cardio and aerobic workout that has A-list Hollywood movie stars shaking their booty and losing pounds and inches. This revolutionary workout is based on sound physiological principles such as… high-intensity interval training. That’s what makes Zumba different than anything else on the market today!

High-intensity interval training has recently been revealed, by medical researchers to actually burn more calories than walking¬† on the treadmill for hours. This is the concept that is part of every Zumba dance class. That is probably why everyone is going nuts over Zumba especially in NJ. In fact, in Union County alone you can find classes just about every night of the week. The local YM YWHA in Union New Jersey has recently introduced Zumba to its existing customers. The results… 25 to 35 people each night shaking their booties and having a ton of fun.

If you live in Union, Elizabeth, Westfield, Garwood, Hillside, Milburn or anywhere in the Union County or central New Jersey area,  then check out the number one Zumba website to get class locations and schedules please visit: www.ZumbafitnessNewJersey.com.

There you will also find tons of information about Zumba, Zumba clothing, Zumba videos, DVDs and much more. And the best part is it’s FREE!

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  1. suzanne levy
    6 years ago

    class schedule, thank you