Zumba In Union County New Jersey

Have you heard about Zumba in Union County New Jersey yet?

zumba-stacy-keiblerIt’s the latest dance craze to hit America and for that matter the rest of the world. Zumba is like taking “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”… putting it together into an amazing aerobic workout. The great thing about Zumba is that you are having so much fun that you forget that you’re exercising.

Young, old, men, women, senior citizens and even kids are doing Zumba. And let’s not forget the Hollywood celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Stacy Keibler and many others.

Zumba combines Latin dance moves such as Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and recently has begun adding Hip-Hop and country Western tunes to the dance workout. so, if you are looking to shed body fat and reshaping her body and give a Zumba class a try.

If you live in the Union County, or central New Jersey area then check out this website for listings of Zumba classes available in your state: Zumba Classes in New Jersey

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  1. shelly cordeiro
    5 years ago

    i want to do a zumba class it seem good class to do it ok

  2. Celia
    4 years ago

    Is there s FREE zumba classes near Hillside Ave, Hillside NJ?

    • zumba
      4 years ago

      we have a buy one get one free at the SPringfield ELlks and the Union YMHA