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Whether you want to take ZUMBA® classes, learn about the ZUMBA® DVD or ZUMBA® video, ZUMBA® music, clothing, shoes… well you name it if it’s ZUMBA®… we have it! If you live in New Jersey, in the Union County or Central Jersey area then join me for an exciting time where you will…

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ZUMBA® Classes in New Jersey

Currently we are offering 7 different ZUMBA® Classes in New Jersey per week. In addition, we also have a brand spanking new… ZUMBA® Challenge Master Class and a body shaping… ZUMBA® With Toning Class!

Here’s the New ZUMBA® Classes in Union County and Central New Jersey Schedule:

No current classes!

You will just love ZUMBA®! ZUMBA® dance class is an exciting blend of Latin-based music. You don’t need to know how to dance or even how to shake your booty because no matter your age or sex ZUMBA® will get you in shape. An average ZUMBA® class will burn approximately… 1000 CALORIES!

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What Others Have To Say about ZUMBA®

“You will sweat a lot, burn lots of calories, and have fun in the process. Much more fun than just doing routine exercises or machines in the gym.”From a member at Meet up“It was a GREAT workout with good music and a fun instructor!”

Debbie K.