Alberto Beto Perez Zumba creator

Alberto Beto Perez is the creator of Zumba fitnessAlberto Beto Perez, a native of Colombia (South America)… is the founder of the company (the Latin dance workout routine) and director of the national Zumba Master trainer team.

He is also a professional dancer and a celebrity choreographer.

Having choreographed for Shakira and other celebrities. By the way in Colombia the word Zumba is slang for having fun and moving fast. This dance workout is Beto’s aerobics exercise program that uses Latin inspired dance steps. Such as Salsa, Merengue, Flamenco, Reggaeton, Cumbia and Samba. Recently hip hop, country music, rap, pop & other exciting songs and dance moves have been added to the dance mix.zumba alberto beto perez

Alberto Beto Perez created this dance workout quite by accident, as the story goes. One day as he rushed out of this house to teach his aerobics class he forgot his regular music tapes. As soon as he realized this he grabbed some Latin music tapes that were in his car and began teaching the class to this music.

A Fitness Party Is Born

Alberto Beto Perez Zumba Creator

The class exploded and became the most popular class in Colombia. He named this class “Rumbacize.”

By 1999 Beto had arrived in the United States, more specifically Miami Florida. In 2001, he met two young Colombian entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. The three Alberto’s partnered up and decided to produce a demo reel which eventually caught the eye of “Fitness Quest” an Ohio-based infomercial and fitness equipment company. The dance workout appealed to just about everyone regardless of age.

They trademarked the name Zumba and licensed it to Fitness Quest.

They began producing an infomercial as well as home videos. They were ready to start looking for their next product when their phones began ringing off the hook.

Fitness instructors across America began asking if they could get certified to teach this exciting new dance workout. Although they didn’t have a certification program in place they quickly developed a training program for instructors because there was such a huge market demand. The instructors fell in love with the dance workout and success soon followed.

Recently, they introduced a brand-new and revolutionizing Zumba fitness exhilarate DVD collection. Check out the video below.

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The First Zumba Fitness Party

The first training session was held in Miami where approximately 150 people turned out. They all paid a small fee to get certified. Although their original objective was not to become a “training intensive business as their main source of income they soon realized that they could create a huge army of individuals promoting the Zumba products.

And to begin marketing his fitness philosophy throughout the world. By 2008 Zumba had well over 20,000 certified instructors and DVD sales in the millions.

Zumba Instructor Network – Certified Instructors Training

Zumba Beto Perez with Zumba instructor

The Zumba Instructors Network (called ZIN™ members) has been responsible for developing new careers, and healthy fitness lifestyles for their members and instructors.

(The company has begun adding onto its Latin roots by introducing a little bit of country music, funk rock ‘n roll and many other exciting beats.)

Recently the company has aligned itself with Mark Burnett productions (of “Survivor” fame) and Emilio Estefan (husband of Gloria Estefan) to begin marketing the dance workout products in the Hispanic market through television.

Zumba Lady Gaga

However, Mr. Burnett is not the only one in Hollywood to have noticed the success and popularity.

Many famous A-list Hollywood celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Eva LaRue (“C.S.I. Miami”), Vivica A. Fox (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Stacy Kiebler (“Dancing with the Stars”), Hunter Tylo (“The Bold & the Beautiful”), and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres have “ditched the workout and joined the party” with ZUMBA.

The type of music used has also been expanded. Introducing rap artists like Pitbull and Wyclef Jean the popularity of the fitness-party has continued to grow.

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