What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness

Zumba fitness is an aerobic dance exercise program that keeps everyone motivated by creating a party like atmosphere.

Zumba instructors take their students through a combination of dance steps such as merengue, reggaetone and Salsa. It also incorporates fitness exercises such as bicep curls, knee lifts and squats in the Zumba toning exercise class.

Zumba fitness is mostly about "booty shaking" dance moves that makes everyone laugh, smile and let loose!

Latin Music, Hip-Hop, Rap And Popular Tunes

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The exciting music used in the exercise sessions are based mostly on Latin rhythms.

However, it does contain other upbeat music from swing all the way to calypso. The music is the most important element in the class. A really great fitness class is one at which you can "feel the music in you."

Recording artists like Shakira, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and many others have lent their talents or their music to make this dance-fitness class and exciting party like event.

Having those incredible exercise moves and dance steps are just a bonus. Of course it would not be Zuumba without the toe tapping, hip swiveling music that grabs you and just makes you want to get up and move.

It’s really the music that makes this workout feel like a party instead of workout. Even for active older adults and seniors.

How Did It All Get Started?

Zumba fitness Alberto Beto Perez
[Alberto Beto Perez Creator]

Alberto Beto Perez is a professional dancer and celebrity trainer from Colombia, South America.

Beto is the creator of this exciting aerobic dance concept. As the story goes one day he forgot to bring his aerobics music to his class and improvised by grabbing some Latin tapes that he had in his car. At first people didn’t know what to do, so he just told them to move.

That class became a big hit and soon was in huge demand and Beto knew that he had a hit on his hands! (It was originally named "Rumbacize.")

As soon as Beto arrived in the United States in 1999 he was approached by two entrepreneurs, Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. They changed the name to "Zumba" and began selling the idea worldwide. By 2002 the first videos and DVDs were being sold. And at the same time the company began training instructors.

By 2008 the company had 20,000 trained instructors in over 35 countries and had sold millions of  its Latin-inspired dance-fitness DVDs. In 2009 that number has swelled to 35,000 instructors and trainers. And there has been recently a growing trend towards buying fitness clothing .

Today, the Zumba fitness-party has expanded and is offering this exciting program to other individuals of different age groups and physical abilities. Their new Zumbatomic class is designed for young children or kids.

Aqua Zumba is a dance workout in a pool. While the Zumba Gold Program ® is designed for the active older senior who still wants to stay in shape, look young and feel younger.

The success of this company is based on what they call "The Zumba Formula."

The formula is essentially a combination of High Intensity Interval Training, as well as a toning or strength training component.

Becoming An Instructor

Zumba fitness

With the popularity of this dance-fitness program it makes perfect sense that individuals are seeking instructor training. The company offers support through the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN).

Individuals that want to get a license from the company by completing the company’s stringent requirements.

Here in New Jersey we offer classes at the Fanwood Community Center, in Fanwood, NJ as well as in the YM-YWHA in Union, New Jersey.

Both of these facilities offer convenient and safe parking as well as a spacious studio in which to conduct the Zumba fitness classes. We currently have 5 Z instructors and you can find a class by visiting our class schedule page. We have many success stories not only from our clients but also our instructors as well.

It seems everyone wants to join the fitness-party and the company is making an impact not only in the aerobics and dancing communities but in fashion itself.

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Would you like to start taking classes? Then check out our class schedule info page here: Zumba Classes in NJ