Zumba Gold – The Fun Workout for Anyone Any Age Any Ability

zumba-toningThe creative geniuses at Zumba have just introduced a new program that is second to none it’s called Zumba Gold.

This program was designed for the older active adult, a person who hasn’t been exercising in a long time or individuals who may be limited physically.

The biggest difference between Zumba gold and Zumba basic is that Zumba gold is done at a much lower intensity. It’s just as much fun just not as fast! Zumba Gold utilizes the same great Latin styles of music and dance are used in Zumba basic program.
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This easy-to-follow program allows anyone any age or any sex to be able to perform the Zumba Gold dance moves. Some of the featured dances in this program are Salsa, Cha-Cha, Cumbia, Rock ‘n Roll and Merengue. In addition they also use such dances as the twist, the Charleston, belly dancing, flamenco and tango.

One of the other Zumba Gold workouts includes a workout that you perform on a chair for those individuals who are sedentary or are in a wheelchair. This is a great benefit for those individuals who are in an assisted-living and or short and long-term care facilities.

As the baby boomer population gets older and people are living longer the number of Americans over 65 will more than likely double in the next 25 to 30 years. These same individuals realize that if they are going to enjoy their later years being physically fit is a high priority.

As we age, changes take place in our bodies. We slow down a bit, we may have a few more aches and pains, sometimes we have changes with our blood pressure, body fat percentage, blood sugar, and of course, muscle mass, bone density and strength. It is all part of growing older.

The Zumba® Gold program takes these issues into consideration and strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart.

When you take a Zumba® Gold workshop or class be sure to wear comfortable workout clothing, take water and a towel, along with a “ready to party” attitude!

Some of the main goals and benefits of Zumba Gold include improving the quality of life; maintaining functional skills such as ADLs or activities of daily living; providing classes that are appropriate for the participants; to make sure the routine is easy to learn and follow so that success can be achieved quickly; and also to just have FUN.

A typical Zumba Gold class is usually a little shorter, approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It utilizes longer warm up and cool down. In the regular Zumba class (usually 10 to 15 minutes.) The Zumba instructors for this class are trained to be more aware of any physical changes in their students or if they are suffering any discomfort during the workout.

There currently is no Zumba Gold DVD available at the time that this article was written. I hope you enjoy this Zumba Gold review and that you set your sights no matter your age or current physical condition or limitations to achieve your fitness goals.

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