Forget Soccer or Karate Class Get Them Involved in the
Zumba Kids Program – Now Called Zumbatomic®

zumba kids

The Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® program is designed with the same protocol as the regular adult Zumba class. With today’s kids spending less and less time exercising and more time watching TV or playing computer games.

It’s essential that parents get them involved in an exercise program that’s fun.

If you have never seen a Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® class, you can take my word for it kids can shake and move with the best of them!

A typical Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® class starts with a warm up of hula hooping or free styling (just to get their bodies going.) The next step is to get them involved with the music and having fun.

In this class it’s about the dance moves… it’s getting them to move. The class can run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

At the end everyone is drained but excited. There is always a cool down and an easy stretch at the end of every Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® class.
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What to Bring and Wear for a Zumba Kids – Zumbatomic® Class

Just like the adults Zumba class the kids will be sweating a lot, so they will need to bring a towel, a bottle of water, wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers or dance shoes that are comfortable but without a lot of tread (Excessive tread will get in the way of doing a dance moves.)

Just like the adults the benefits of the Zumba kids – Zumbatomic® class are improved coordination, muscle tone, endurance and getting rid of excess body fat.

If your child is just not getting enough exercise then forget about ballet school or even soccer get them involved in Zumba’s kids – Zumbatomic® class you be doing them a favor!

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