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Melissa Marcketta — Head ZUMBA® Instructor

Melissa is the head ZUMBA® instructor at She has been involved Latin dancing for more than eight years. She is also certified personal trainer and has more than seven years experience in the fitness industry. It is her love of dancing that brought her to ZUMBA®.

When asked why she became a ZUMBA® instructor she said “I used to watch the classes at my gym as I was running on the track. I was training for a half marathon at that time, but when I saw the ZUMBA® class I just stared through the window in amazement.”

“I decided right then and there to take a ZUMBA® class and for me that was it.

I felt like the seas had parted.

I loved it so much that shortly thereafter I decided to become a ZUMBA® Certified Instructor. And the rest as they sayis history.”

As mentioned previously Melissa is not only a ZUMBA® certified instructor but she also holds certifications in Personal Training, nutrition counseling, flexibility and toning, ZUMBA® basic, ZUMBA® basic 2 and ZUMBA® toning. She trained for and completed the New Jersey half marathon and is currently being certified for the AFFA” (now certified for AFFA as well. Reprints these

Melissa is also a ZUMBA® success story, by using her knowledge of nutrition and ZUMBA® dancing she was able to lose in excess of 20 pounds of body fat.

Her ZUMBA® classes are not just all about aerobic activity she also takes the time out to share with her customers weight loss, toning strategies techniques and tips that helped her and many others succeed in reshaping their body. Perhaps that’s what makes Melissa such a great ZUMBA® instructor.

To join Melissa’s class please visit: ZUMBA® Classes in New Jersey