Zumba Music Guide to the Hottest & Sizzling Workout Songs

What is the essence of Zumba music?

The real meaning or spirit of this Dance Fitness-Party is the Zumba music.

Zumba Music- Pitbul aand Wyclef Jean

That is what makes the  Zumba tunes and classes so different than any other aerobic dance workout. In the training sessions the tunes are the most important element for the instructor.

A phenomenal class will always be the one that the instructor applies the correct song and makes the dancers “feel it in their body’s.” It’s the blend of turbocharged international music developed many times by Grammy award-winning artist and incredibly easy yet sexy steps that form this “fitness-party” that makes it so darn addictive!

Who Is Alberto Beto Perez

Since his original creation in 2001, Alberto Beto Perez’s program has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon.

With currently in excess of 12 million people of all ages, sizes, and shapes – participating in over 110,000 locations – across more than 130 different countries. Who could have predicted that when in 2001, Beto introduced the town of Miami, Florida to his exciting dance-fitness style. And it was through a chance meeting through a student that he met his future partners… Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion.

All three were originally from Columbia and they all had the same vision.

To introduce America and the world to this exciting dance-fitness class and aerobic workout. They quickly formed an agreement and trademarked their company Zumba Fitness. They created DVDs, and infomercial and began promoting the product on television. Consequently, the demand for Zumba classes and instructors became wide-scale. And of course, that’s when the company skyrocketed! By 2005 the company began licensing instructors and follow-up with the introduction of Zumbawear apparel, music CDs and accessories. By 2008 the companies Zumba fitness total body transformation system was the best-selling at home fitness DVD. It featured their latest success stories and stars Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley.

By early 2010 the company again launched a fun dance exercise video game on Wii, Xbox and PS3.

However, it was always the exciting Zumba music and dance steps that has transformed so many students into frenzied instructors and success stories. The company along with the instructors have recently added some exciting tunes from artists like Shakira, Pitbull and Wyclef Jean.

Here is a video of Pitbull performing his latest hit “Pause.”

Shaking Your Booty To Lose Weight

zumba music

Doing the exercises and dance steps are just a bonus. Without the booty shaking, hip swiveling, hand clapping, it would just not be Zumba music.

As you probably know a “Basic session” is usually one hour long and utilizes Latin dance steps and rhythms. Bear in mind that every dance workout class is not the same. Some instructors use a different mix of songs.

Some add-in country-western songs, “hip-hop, and other rhythms that sometimes their students request.

Here Are the Most Popular Songs

  • Best of Exhilarate Soundtrack 
  • Zumba Fitness Greatest Hits
  • Cardio Party
  • Fitness Vibe Tribe
  • Party Nation: World Music
  • Caipirinha

You can get many of them as MP3 downloads or you can purchase the CDs.

The best place is Amazon because they offer free shipping if you decide to purchase the music CDs. Just click on the carousel above and you’ll be taken directly to Amazon.

Zumba Music Videos

ZUMBA continues to transform the world of fitness with over 5 million students! JOIN THE PARTY! ZUMBA is for everyone (men, women & children) and is so accommodating to all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities!

How To Structure The Songs

The usual musical arrangement for a dance workout is setup with two to three warm-up songs, 7 to 10 for the real workout and 1 to 2 for the cool down. The numbers of course will vary depending on the instructor and the length of each song. The company recommends that you can mix it up but primarily most of the songs should be Latin rhythms.

For example, in the newest Zumba Fitness CD called “Party Nation” it has many different songs, a hodgepodge of dance tunes. In other CDs they use tunes from Belly Dancing, Tango, Country, Rock ‘n Roll, and the Twist. You will find those songs in the CD called “Cardio Party.”

The great thing about being an instructor is that they allow you to choose your own routines and your own music.

You can use the same songs many times in the Gold Dance Workout.

If you’re a beginner exerciser or are not used to exercising or perhaps you are an active older adult or someone with a physical limitation then Z Gold would be the class for you.

In this class are more transitional moves in the dance steps are done at a slower pace. There are separate gold music CDs available to the instructors. Bear in mind these are all done a slower beat.

Zumba music can be whatever makes you move!

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