“The 2009 Zumba New Jersey Dance Festival”

Get Toned — Look Great — Feel Sexy

On Sunday, November 1, 2009

Perhaps like some of my clients you gained a few pounds over the summer. It could’ve been those hotdogs, cheeseburgers or even eating a few too many french fries.

It doesn’t really matter how those extra pounds and inches creeped up on your body… because it’s time for the second annual Zumba New Jersey Dance Festival!

What is a Zumba Dance Festival?

What is Zumba all about…

“Zumba is the latest craze that has all the A-list Hollywood celebrities, busy executives, Doctors and stay-at-home moms shaking their booty and dropping pounds and inches! No matter your shape, physical condition or previous dance experience — anyone — any age — can Zumba!”

NO experience is required!

Just a willingness to have fun and reshape your body. And if you have taken a Zumba class before — then you’ll love the Zumba Dance Festival!

It’s 2.5 exciting hours of Latin style dancing, turbo charged body fat burning and a whole lot of fun — while you are burning away approximately — 2500 calories!

And it’s MORE fun than a Zumbathon — you’ll lose more weight than at a Zumba class!

You along with
7 of New Jersey’s Top Zumba instructors
will be dancing, shaking your booty and having a whole lot of fun to the beat — of some of the most exciting Latin, hip-hop and pop music on the scene today.

You’ll Feel like You’re at Dance Club… Not at a Zumba Class… That We Promise You!

If you attended our previous Zumba Dance Festival then you already know how much fun you had and how quickly the pounds came off. This year’s event promises to be even better … and so are our incredible bonuses!

Here’s What Happens and What You Get at Your — Zumba Dance Festival!

  • 7 of New Jersey’s Best Zumba Instructors Leading You in One Glorious Dance Party… Specifically Designed to Blow Torch That Stubborn Fat That We All Have — Off Your Body!
  • 2 1/2 Hours of Dancing and Booty Shaking (Don’t Worry You Can Take Breaks Whenever You Want)
  • You Will Learn Several Different Fat Burning Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Use throughout the Year to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Furnace!
  • Learn Exciting Dance Moves from Latin Inspired Dances Such As — Salsa, Meringue, Cumbia, Tango, Cha-Cha, and Many More.
  • You Will Easily Learn How to Lose Pounds and Inches off Your Body without Any Hard Work.
  • Save Money on Discounted Fitness Clothing, Supplements, Exercise Accessories, Brand-Name Handbags and Much More from Our Sponsors Tables.
  • 10 Secret Techniques Will Be Revealed That Will Amp up Your Bodys Fat Burning Thermostat Even While You’re Relaxing, Watching TV — or Anything Else.

Here’s All You Have To Do

Register online before Friday, October 16, 2009 by midnight and … SAVE 30% — off the already low walk in price of $35.00 and you will receive a discounted EARLY BIRD PRICE of only — $25.00 — (for the entire 2.5 hour Zumba Dance Festival!)


And also get these 3 Special Bonuses that alone are worth more than$120.00 — for FREE!

Bonus #1

“Top 10 ‘SECRETS’ To Get Rid Of Belly Fat
and Have The Body Of Your Dreams!”

This 45 minute CD covers in complete detail all the top secrets that Fitness Models, Celebrity Personal Trainer’s, and many A-list Hollywood movie stars — use to shed body fat and completely transform their bodies.

Just one of the secrets on the CD will completely transform your chubby belly into a flat stomach in no time!

(Retail Value — $49.95–Yours Free)

And You Also Get…

Bonus #2

“Get Toned — Look Great — Feel Sexy Newsletter!’


You will also get a FREE online subscription to our weekly newsletter… Get Toned — Look Great — Feel Sexy Newsletter.

In this newsletter you will get tons of tips, strategies, techniques and success stories from many of our Zumba students who have discovered the advantages of high intensity interval training and dance workouts.

Along with additional online resources that you can use to determine your body fat level, how many calories you should eat, meal planning, low fat yet great tasting receipes and much more — and it’s all FREE.

(Retail Value $39.99 — Yours Free)


Bonus #3

“FREE 10 Minute Chair Massage”

In case you’re having too much fun and need to relax just a little… you also get a FREE 10 Minute Chair Massage.

Just imagine 10 minutes of Bliss — in the expert hands of the masseuse — bringing relief to perhaps a sore muscle or two.

More than likely you will not have any sore muscles because of the unique Zumba workout style … but if you just want to pamper yourself for a few incredible minutes — the FREE massage will be waiting for you!

(Retail Value $29.99 — Yours Free)

Now those are some incredible bonuses… aren’t they?

Well that’s it… this promises to be a fantastic event and you can use it to get a head start on losing those summer pounds. The only thing left to do is register now. Just pick out the ticket you want (VIP pass if it’s available or basic pass) and click on the “BUY NOW” button below.

That’s it… oh we accept all the Major Credit Cards –Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and through PayPal we even accept your personal check. It’s called E check — just click the buy now button and get started today.

You have nothing to lose except some extra pounds and inches! Reserve your spot now!


Day — Time — Location of the Event

The Zumba Dance Festival will be held at the YM YWHA OF UNION COUNTY

YM YWHA Address:

501 Green Lane
Union, NJ 07083

Date: Sunday November 1, 2009
Check In Time: 8:30 Am (Please be on Time… Doors will be locked at 9:00am!)


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