Zumba NJ Comes to Fanwood Community Center

Residents of Fanwood, New Jersey and nearby towns can now start getting in shape and losing weight, at affordable prices with Zumba at the Fanwood Community Center.

www.ZumbaFitnessNJ.com head Zumba instructor, Melissa Marcketta, has just made an agreement with the Fanwood Community Center to begin offering Zumba dance classes there beginning on March 22, 2010. There will be 5 Zumba classes available to Fanwood residents during the course of the week.

TheĀ  Zumba workouts are on Monday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday monings.

If you are not familiar with Zumba or are wondering — “What Is Zumba?” Then you’re in for a treat.

Zumba is the latest fitness craze to hit America and now the world. What makes Zumba better than any other type of group exercise class, is that Zumba utilizes a fun filled, booty shaking dance workout based on different types of exciting music.

It’s the selection of music that makes Zumba so much fun. Utilizing a combination of Latin rhythms, hip-hop, ballroom dancing and other dance styles you will find yourself losing weight, toning your body easily, while having the time of your life.

If you can imagine being at a popular nightclub, with the same exciting music and ambience but, without the cheesy pickup lines or spilled drinks — that’s what is Zumba class in New Jersey is all about.

A typical Zumba dance workout can help you burn from 600 to 1000 calories — in just one class!

So whether you are looking to get in shape, burn off body fat, drop a dress size or two — or just get away from the boredom of everyday life — then join us on Monday March 22, 2010 at either 6:30 PM or 8 PM for a fun filled and exciting Zumba class.

You can get directions and find out how to get a FREE Zumba class by visiting:


The Fanwood Community Center is conveniently located at, 158 Forest Rd. , Fanwood, NJ 07023.

Your friend and Zumba results coach,

Melissa Marcketta

Zumba in Fanwood NJ

PS Please visit our website to see videos, and learn more about the exciting world of Zumba.


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  1. Fanwood Web Design
    6 years ago

    I see this post is from 2010 is this still current or is there any other updates and is the class still offered in Fanwood?