Zumba Reviews

Are you looking for Zumba reviews?

Well, perhaps like many other men and women who have heard about this amazing Latin dance workout on YouTube, or perhaps you saw the infomercial. It doesn’t matter how you found out about this breakthrough exercise routine. The important thing is that you’re considering transforming your body and perhaps even losing a few pounds.

Zumba Reviews

Zumba Is an Exciting Latin Dance Workout

Zumba Reviews What I Didn’t like about Zumba

At one point in time, I was just like you.

I was looking to lose some weight but I was bored of the group exercise classes and I just couldn’t motivate myself to do hours and hours of cardio on the elliptical machine.

When I first saw this dance fitness program, I was very skeptical.

In fact, I didn’t even pay much attention to it. In my mind, it was just another gimmick or fad. However, after coming from work late one evening, I turned on the television and saw the Zumba fitness DVD commercial. These people were moving, jumping and dancing all over the place. And it looked like a lot of fun.

Now mind you I’m not Latin and yet the music does have a way of getting you to move your hips and your feet. In addition, I have two left feet. So when I say how skeptical you can take that to heart.

However, I decided to go ahead and try out this Zuumba fitness training video program.

So Here Are My Zumba Reviews Main Points:

* The dance steps are actually very easy to follow. My Nice was able to follow along with me. I thought this was a great idea because today children don’t get enough exercise.

* The most challenging part about this DVD is learning the dance steps. I won’t kid you it will take a little time for you to master some the steps. However, once you understand how to do them not only will you be able to do them in class you may be able to drag out your boyfriend or husband out to dance somewhere.

* Beto Perez the creator of leads you through most of the workouts. He’s very charismatic and lovable. And he has come up with some interesting names for some of his dance moves for example “the booty circle”, “the sexy March”, “clean the window”, “the ball and chain” (no we’re not talking about your spouse) and many others.

* You don’t need a lot of room to do this dance workout however; you will need to remove any area rugs or tables that are in front of your TV. Besides dancing, there are some jobs and turns in this workout. But believe me they are a bunch of fun.

* And don’t forget, don’t use your regular running shoes to do this workout in. Your best bet is to use a pair of shoes that have no ridges or grips on the bottom. You can either spend a few dollars on a good pair of Zumba shoes or take the risk of injuring yourself.

So there you have it my complete Zumba reviews.

Whatever you decide to do, I strongly encourage you to read more Zumba reviews and you can even watch some videos.

The most important thing is that you begin exercising this dance workout will very quickly help you to transform your body, drop a dress size or two and even give you more energy to take care of all the tasks that we are responsible for.

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