Zumba Ricky Martin

ZUMBA ® and Ricky Martin

zumba-ricky-martinWhat does “Living the Vida Loca” have to do with ZUMBA Classes ®?

It seems pop singer Ricky Martin doesn’t believe in routine exercises to keep him in shape, for he indulges in ‘ZUMBA ® ’ – a Latin high energy exercise, to acquire a toned body.

ZUMBA ® was been created by Alberto Beto Perez and combines aerobic interval training with Latin style dancing. According to a recent news article Ricky Martin is such a huge fan of his booty shaking workout that he recently spent approximately $10,000 on 200 and ZUMBA ® DVDs. These were all sent or given to friends and family members.

It’s no wonder that Ricky has turned to ZUMBA ®. ZUMBA ® dance classes have taken America and now the world by storm. So many Hollywood A-list movie and television stars have jumped on the ZUMBA ®bandwagon that it is almost a "who’s who" of Hollywood. Recently joining the ZUMBA ® class converts are stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Kevin Federline.

Is it safe to say that Britney Spears is not too far away from becoming a convert?

If you have not tried the ZUMBA ® Dance Class yet what are you waiting for?

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