Zumba Weight Loss Program

Zumba weight loss


In the Zumba weight loss program – Chapter 8 – they discuss “Body Shaping Foods.”


Zumba weight loss program

These are foods that have been shown in scientific studies to target certain parts of the body, such as thighs and abs as well as help to remove fat from these areas ( in addition to the rest of your body.)


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Here’s a short list of some of these “Body Shaping Foods.”:

1. Fiber Rich Foods Such As Whole Grains, Fruits and Vegetables:

Consuming at least 26 grams of fiber will help reduce thigh fat. The reason for this is that when you have plenty of fiber in your system it helps to remove excess estrogen from the body. Estrogen, as you probably know is responsible for laying down body fat on the lower part of the body.

2. Monounsaturated Fats (olive oil, canola oil, etc.:

This type of fat helps prevent body fat from accumulating around the waistline.

3. Protein (poultry, fish and lean meats):

Eating ample protein helps to preserve lean muscle tissue. Having more lean muscle tissue allows you to have a more efficient metabolism and better overall fat burning. It also helps repairing muscles and increases thermogenesis (one of the keys to losing weight is increasing your protein intake while lowering the percentage of carbohydrates and fats.)

4. Resistant Starches (beans, legumes, barley etc.):

These types of carbohydrates contain a unique type of dietary fiber that resists digestion. If you replace some of your normal starches with these “Resistant Starches” – you can easily burn up to 25% more fat over the course of an entire day.

5. Soy Foods:

While there has been plenty of debate about eating soy – because of its estrogen content – it does contain a compound that counters the fat storing hormones in your body – to help prevent weight gain.

6. Calcium Rich Foods:

A high calcium diet accelerates fat accumulation particularly in the midsection. You want to avoid whole fat milks but there are other high calcium foods or supplements that you can take.

In addition, if you’re a woman consuming more calcium will help you prevent osteoporosis.

7. Whole Grains:

Avoid white bread and stick to whole-grain such as wheat bread etc. there is an exciting new product called Ezekiel bread.

Most breads contain added sugar – Ezekiel bread contains none. It’s also made from organic, sprouted whole grains. The sprouting process changes the nutrient composition of the grain significantly.

In contrast to most commercial breads, which most often consist of primarily of refined wheat or pulverized whole wheat – Ezekiel bread contain several different types of grains and legumes. It makes sense to give Ezekiel bread a try.

Especially since wheat is associated with a number of health issues.

High consumption of wheat is associated and is linked to cases of schizophrenia and autism in controlled trials. The fiber in wheat may also contribute to a vitamin D deficiency by making the body burn through its vitamin D stores much faster.

Furthermore, in one controlled trial it was shown that whole wheat – yes the healthy kind – can increase the total cholesterol, LDL, small dense LDL, and LDL particle count… Which could translate to an increase risk of heart disease?

8. Yogurt:

When you use yogurt in conjunction with a low calorie diet it helps to remove fat around the waistline due to yogurt high calcium content.

In the next email we will continue further with the discussion of how to lose weight with the Zumba weight loss program.

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