Zumba’s Creative Genius Alberto Beto Perez

zumba-alberto-beto-perezWell the secret is out Alberto Beto Perez is the secret creative genius behind the Zumba fitness formula that has revolutionized the way millions of individuals think about exercise. Beto who began as a aerobic dance instructor in Cali, Colombia came up with the idea behind Zumba quite by accident.

As the story goes he arrived one day at class and realized that his traditional aerobics music was at home. He quickly ran back to his car and grabbed some salsa and merengue tapes, popped them into the studio sound system… that was the beginning of the first Zumba class. Well actually it was called Rumbacize back then.

After a stellar career as a choreographer and trainer in Colombia Beto made the big move the United States in 1999. With very little command of the English language but an unstoppable will power he was able to make it in Miami Florida. At first he struggled and had a rough time settling in to the American system. Money was tight but his determination and stick to it has prevailed. After several months he was able to land a job as an instructor at a major local health club. With his new Zumba dance moves he quickly became a big hit in the most popular class in the gym. This came to the attention of two Colombian entrepreneurs who approached Beto Perez to convince him to market his fitness product. They renamed it Zumba and formed a company … Zumba Fitness, LLC.

Today Zumba is one of the largest fitness programs in the world with more than 3.5 million DVDs sold. They’re currently more than 4 million weekly class participants and well over 25,000 Zumba fitness instructors in over 40 countries. Beto recently opened up China where hundreds of new instructors were trained in the Zumba philosophy. It seems not only America has gone crazy for Zumba now it’s a worldwide epidemic. Have you taken a Zumba class yet? What are you waiting for!

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  1. christle
    7 years ago

    This isn’t exactly a comment but a question.

    I loved the origional zumba dvd set steps,beginners,advanced and rapido. i had this set and my house burned down. i would really love to buy the origional set but can’t find it any where. if you know where i can buy it please let me know. i love the first set better because i love the down to earth and extremely fun atmoshere